behind the scene

SpinBlades high performance premium blades

“Our number one goal is quality.” This statement is the basis for the production of our high quality and innovative rotor blades. We continuously try to stay ahead of the increasing requirements for the modern helicopter systems like flybarless and multi blade systems. The SpinBlades team analyses new trends and develops solutions. All new products undergo intensive material and flight tests. We will not launch a new product before everybody of the team is satisfied. All members of our team are very well known pilots covering the whole scale of flight styles, i. e. 3D, F3C or scale.\nSpinBlades GmbH is producing high performance premium blades for each type of flying. We analyze and monitor all new trends of the flying scene at our headoffice. If required existing blades are improved, or new blades are developed, to make sure, to stay ahead of the trends in an constantly changing market environment. All our blades are handmade. During the manufacturing process up to the wrapping for shipping, all blades have to pass several strict and rigid quality checks, to enforce our high quality standards. These procedures ensure that our customers will now and in the future always receive premium class rotor blades, so that they can enjoy their nice hobby without any restrictions.

  • Special designed blades for each type of flying
  • Engineered and tested by our teampilots
  • German knowhow and european manufacturing
  • Excellent quality, continuous quality insurance to enforce highest manufacturing and performance standards