Is there anybody around who does not know the boys from the SpinBlades team? Avid modeler and pilots, taking part at several events, shows and competitions, quite often they can be found at top positions at competitions. They are young, responsible and highly motivated team player. They are good friends and spending a lot of their spare time together too. All member of the team are required to work on new developments and participate within the decision making process. The thesis “this is not possible” is a no-no for them; this attitude assures the development of new products. Special attention is paid to communication; our team pilots like to talk and to help our customer to solve problems or to assist with set ups, etc. Just try it.

SpinBlades Pro Team
Supported Talents and Distributor Pilots

Markus Chelios (DE), Nils Knuth (DE), Wessel Haast (NL),Stijn Bungenberg (NL), Alex Hawtin (U.K), Nik Johnson The Commentator (U.K), Nicole Buslowski (DE), Yanick Wolter (DE), Sven Drießen (DE), Fabian Grasser (DE), Daniele Frank (DE), Paul Andreoli (USA), Sebastian Dues (DK), Lilian Many (FR), Rodney Kee (IRL), Jeremy Cox (USA), Mark Meeks (USA), Eucesibus S Frazier (USA), Alexis Rey (FR), Robin Adamschak (DE), Cyril Gellon (FR), Ugo Farrugia (FR), Barak Shilo (IL), Nico Niewind (DE)